Earn yield & leverage assets on your terms

Join the world of permissionless DeFi by Leveraging your assets in isolated markets, where the rules are set by you and the community.

We’re live on Polygon and Fantom

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Now every asset has a Market

Access instant liquidity & leverage on all your assets with Market. You can borrow/lend and unlock your token's value with isolated pools specifically designed for your holdings

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Finance on equal terms

We believe that isolated markets create equitable opportunities for every participant, community & project in the world of DeFi.

Earn Yields

Watch your portfolio grow in isolated markets where you decide on the market-terms and acceptable collateral. Earn yields on Polygon and Fantom!

Leverage Any Asset

We believe in superfluid collateral. Instantly access liquidity across all your positions via isolated pools.

Community Markets

Just as Citadel shouldn’t control Robinhood, all pools of Market are to be governed by the participants.

Upto 21% APY

10% in USDC
+ 2-10% Bonus in YLD

Upto 21% APY

10% in USDC
+ 2-10% Bonus in YLD

Upto 16% APY

10% in USDC
+ 2-10% Bonus in YLD


2X Long Position


2X Long Position
Circular Connected People

Pool 1

TVL $24,334,123.00
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